Experience the exhilaration of speed....    
  The thrill of the chase....    
    Indulge in some fun & excitement....
Reinforce team spirit....
  Get a team together today !!    
7 DAYS 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM
Excludes  Xmas  &  Boxing  Day



Bookings are essential



A racing format provided for Corporate Groups or any group wanting to have fun, promote team spirit, team motivation and generally to get people to interact.

Should there be any specific requests Raleigh Raceway will try to accommodate them.

  $90.00 Per Person (min 10 people)    
  Trophies and Champagne for all in the Winning Team    
        Announcer Supplied    
  • The group can nominate their own teams or our Staff can assist.
  • Racing Suits and Helmets are supplied by the Raceway, Closed in shoes are mandatory.
  • Lunches, Morning or Afternoon Tea are available on request.
    As any good racing driver knows, the team who designed and built the car and the team who services it before, during and after the race are as necessary for success as he/she is themselves.    
    Few things are more satisfying in life than belonging to a Really Successful Team is one that includes the following attributes:    
  • Is able to work as a team even when apart
  • Communicates effectively and with team spirit
  • Is motivated within themselves and motivates each other
  • Has common standards that they all adhere to
  • Participates enthusiastically and encourages other team members to do likewise
    We at Raleigh International Raceway assist in breaking down the walls built by team members which ultimately helps in    
      "Making the Team Connection"    

To achieve Your Goal we use Kart Enduro Racing and Heat Racing.

Each team is made up of four to eight drivers. This is where the fun begins as teams can be made up of the following:

  • States against States
  • Regions against Regions
  • Managers against Managers
  • Companies against Companies
  • Colour coded for easy Team Recognition

All Team members have five [5] practice laps Encourages communication and imagination within the teams.

Helpful hints are secretly provided by our team motivator.

We then get down to serious business
    RACE 1 - THE ENDURO    

Is similar to a relay race whereby each driver must do five [5] laps of the circuit. Each team is responsible to indicate to their driver when they are beginning their last lap ie. The 5th lap. If a driver completes more than the allotted five laps the team occurs a penalty.

    RACE 2 - THE HEATS    
Each driver completes 5 Laps and pole position with the slowest time ie A handicap race. This encourages team support and a great - side line cheer squad.
Race three can be a repeat of either race one or race two, but we like to encourage teams to invent their own race. Some ideas may include a couples race, a ladies race, a men versus the women race, a State of Origin ….

A Point score system will apply throughout the events and the team who accumulates the most amount of points at the end of the day will be declared the winner. Trophies are awarded to the Winning Team members and this can be done in conjunction with a BBQ Lunch/Dinner, or as the "professionals" do it on the track with Champagne, girls, cups "the works" or thirdly a fun presentation including "boobie" prizes for those "special"  team members.

Our team building events can take from as little as 2 hours or take a full day, depending on numbers. We design events to suit your time requirements.

      "Making the Team Connection"    

RALEIGH RACEWAY offer you and your teams courtesy and professionalism at all times. We are located 15 minutes South of Coffs Harbour and our track is the No. 1 in the Southern hemisphere.

Raleigh Raceway provide Suits and Helmets - Closed in Shoes are Mandatory

Our Karts are maintained to the highest of standards by our own Maintenance Team. The karts can reach speeds of up to 70 kph. SAFETY FIRST is our Motto, and we ask all team members to abide by strict safety rules.

Raleigh Raceway are able to provide meals as part of your package, please request information on our meals when making booking enquiries.

We look forward to hosting your "Making  the Team Connection" function in the near future